World Center for Birds of Prey
World Center for Birds of Prey
5668 West Flying Hawk Lane
Boise, Idaho 83709

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Birds Of Prey World Center

The World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise, Idaho was dedicated in 1984. It is The Peregrine Fund's world headquarters. From here we operate our national and international conservation programs.

The World Center for Birds of Prey
At the World Center for Birds of Prey we propagate birds of prey for release to the wild. We house about 200 falcons and condors for breeding. Research is underway on nutrition, behavior, and many other topics to help us better understand birds of prey and their requirements. Of course, the Center is also the home of our education program, the Velma Morrison Interpretive Center, and the Herrick Collections Building which we hope you will visit. The Velma Morrison Interpretive Center is The Peregrine Fund's one-of-a-kind indoor/outdoor education center where you'll meet eagles, owls, vultures, hawks, and falcons from around the world.


Live raptor presentations throughout the day.

Discovery Room to engage young visitors with hands-on eggs, feathers, puzzles, and costumes.

Wild raptors visible from a 1/4-mile trail winding through restored habitat areas to overlook Boise.

Condor Cliffs a Grand Canyon-inspired habitat for California Condors. The world's largest captive flock is housed in nearby breeding chambers to raise young for release to the wild.

Indoor exhibits show raptor adaptations, diet, migration, and breeding. Find out why birds of prey are threatened, and how The Peregrine Fund saves species from extinction.

The Archives of Falconry displays the world's most comprehensive English-language falconry library, plus artifacts from ancient and modern falconry traditions.

The Gift Shop offers a hand-picked selection of raptor-related items, snacks, and drinks.

Fall Flights every October feature raptors showing off their aerial skills at Raptor Ridge.

Located in Boise Idaho, open daily year round

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