Keeping the Boise River Clean
Boise River Volunteers
1355 North Cloverdale Road
Boise, Idaho 83713

(208) 724-8842

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Boise River Volunteers Boise Idaho

Boise River Volunteers is a completely volunteer organization of people dedicated to three ideals. First, to clean up local rivers and keep them clean on a regular basis. Second, to help stranded Boise River floaters by providing patches, pumps and other help on the river if necessary.

Helping Stranded and Injured Floaters on the Boise River
Accidents happen, and when they happen on the Boise River, the Boise River Volunteers are there to assist, by providing patches, pumps, and a secondary method to get off the river when necessary. We have the boats and gear to help these people out; we just need more volunteers and more donated gear (pumps, patch kits, first aid supplies, etc.). Contact us if you would like to donate to the Boise River Volunteers.

Great Outdoor Opportunities for the Disabled
GOOD (Great Outdoor Opportunities for the Disabled) is being developed to provide recreation opportunities for the disabled. We are currently looking for sponsors to donate funds and materials to outfit a cata-raft to enable the disabled to enjoy the river.

The Boise River Volunteers need people who want to spend their days floating the river, enjoying nature, making friends, feeling good about themselves, people with First Aid or CPR training, and people who want to help clean the Boise River from one of their boats. If you are interested then contact the Boise River Volunteers.


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